Chin Guide

Name: Naingtan

Ethnic: Chin


KoNaingtan, a native Chin who comes from a family that has lived in mountains for centuries makes him one of the toughest and expert tour leaders in Chin Hills. He has been trained by the Myanmar Ministry of Hotel and Tourism and his tour guiding experience spans over 5 years. As a child, he always were on these trails, herding his family owned yaks and cows and know every nook and corner of the trails. Besides trekking, he also leads cultural tours. He traveled extensively around the Chin Hills and trekked all heights of Chin Hills and visitors can greatly benefit from his experience. Nainghas been escorting groups of different nationalities all over the country and his knowledge of Chin people history, religion and art makes him a valuable guide.

He can speak fluent English. He has a vast knowledge to share you tales on a yak, remote monastery or a lake, history or about the flora and fauna. He is friendly, helpful and you will enjoy trekking with him and the company of his friendly crew.