Major Destination in Chin Hills


Visiting in Chin Hills is enduring, timeless and true wilderness experience. Once you step off the road to start a visit, you are in true wilderness much of the time. Although there are established trails, there are no planes flying overhead, difficulties in road condition for car and very few villages; instead there are views of great mountain peaks and forested hillsides stretching to eternity. Visit in Chin land offer the opportunity to see Chin Land that is scarcely touched by the modern times. The small villages that you come across are far removed from the chaos of city-life and its inhabitants, mostly living the life of nomads, grazing cattle in the highlands filled with wild flowers, surrounded by great mountain peaks are unassuming but friendly and welcoming.

Most of Chin Land landscape is covered with forests, and nowhere is this more evident that on a trek. All treks climb up and down hills, passing through various vegetation zones with a great variety of trees. As there is a lot of wildlife in hills of Chin land, and most treks are in protected areas, there is a change, albeit small, of seeing wildlife in its native habitat.

A visit in Chin Land can range from XX days to XX days. It can be physically demanding, trekking between 6-8 hours each day and the changes in elevation are large. There are no lodges or hotels in the mountains and so you would be camping in tents or stay in village.

Come and enjoy splendors of the high mountains and the hospitality of its friendly inhabitants with Chin’s trusted guides and dependable host.

Mount Kennedy

mt-kaneddy-4Kennedy Peak is a 2,703-metre (8,868 ft) peak in the Falam District of the Chin State of Myanmar that dominates the Tedim Road. Due to its strategic location it was the scene of a battle during World War II during which Subedar Ram Sarup Singh undertook actions that would lead to the award of the Victoria Cross. Around the Mt. Kannedy, you can learn and observe our abundant culture and unspoiled nature land and it is known for its healthy grassland mountain. It can be reached by car and which takes 8 hours drive from Kalaymyo, Sagaing Region.

Rih Lake

Rih Lake

Rih Lake lies between the border of Myanmar and India, western part of Falam Township. It is one of the most magnificent and beautiful lakes in Myanmar. The lake is about one mile in length and half a mile (four furlongs) in width. It is about 3 miles in diameter and the depth is about 60 feet. Rih Lake is well known for its shape which is heart. You can enjoy and enjoy the marvelous landscape with Rih Lake by boat (only 5pax). Beautiful sceneries of Falam Township in the Chin State are remarkable for those who love natural scenic beauty. It is about 101 (63 miles) km from Falam and 48 km (32 miles) from Tedim. It can be reached by car from Falam and Tedim. About 15 mils from Falam, you can learn and visit to Chin Chief’s Traditional House. Moreover we can have a remarkable experience at Lailun Cave, is very popular for Public Park Center.

Mt. Zinghmuh

p1240150The mountain is located between Falam and Hakha (Capital City of Chin State, Myanmar), is 8,413 feet above sea level and has many precious flowers, plants, trees and wildlife. It is the third highest peaks in Chin State. First is Mt. Victoria (also known as Khonumthung- 3,053 m, Mindat- Kanpalet) and second is Mt. Kennedy, 2,703 m above sea level, near Tedim and Tonzang. It is rich in nature, the diversity of flora and fauna. Amazingly, there are natural lakes and small eco-lodge on the top of Mt. Zinghmuh. Where you can stay and observe the scenic beauty of Mt. Zinghmuh. Mt. Zinghmuh is a very beautiful and the best places for who are interesting in hiking, hard-trekking, nature photography, picnicking and environment and wildlife researchers. It can be reached by car from Falam and Hakha.

Timit Valley

timit-valley-7Among so many hills and mountains of the Chin State, a rare plain is named as Timit valley (Timit River) lies between the routes to Hakha from Thantlang which is also the primary site for rice-growers of Chin State. Famous Kaladan River is originally built up from Timit River which merged in the Bay of Bengal. Timit River will give you remarkable experiences. It can be reached by car from Hakha. In the downtown of Hakha City, there is a big traditional Chin Chief’s House, if the old house could speak it will surely be able to tell you many interesting anecdotes in its long history.


Thautu and Ciriangtu Wildlife Sanctuary

Both sanctuaries situated in Thangtlang Township in the western part of Chin State, Myanmar near the adjacent to the border of India and Myanmar. Both are located near Thau village, the largest village in the surrounding areas. Thuatu and Ciriangtu are about 12 miles from the border of India and Myanmar.  The two sanctuaries are about 7000-8000 feet sea level and Thautu was the British Military Camp where British army gave a military signal by using the light of a mirror to the British armies who lived in the Headquarter at Hakha Camp. These two sanctuaries are created and administered by the local people voluntarity. Both Thautu and Ciriangtu are riches in flora and fauna that are very rare found in Myanmar such as orchids, wild flowers and all kinds of wildlife can be found such as leopard, mython, hornbills etc. It can be reached by car and motorbike from Hakha across Thangtlang. The bes time to visit the sanctuaries is from November to May, June to October is very we.

Bungtla Waterfall

stock-photo-116363221Bungtla Waterfall is the longest waterfall in Chin State, falls near Matupi, 16 miles away from Matupi. The height of Bungtla waterfall is over 1500 ft and it falls by 9 levels. In Chin State, Bungtla waterfall is one the most famous natural resources. Even though Bungtla is flowing in nine levels it is available one 5 levels to go. The rest 4 levels are almost impossible to reach. We can observe and research rare biodiversity and rare species of reptiles. Interesting is: you can see the attached honeycomb on the wall of rocky waterfall. None of tourists have been arrived Bungtla Waterfall. It can be reached by car from Hakha.


Mt. Victoria

mt-victoria-12Mt. Victoria, also known as Khonuntung (Guardian Angel of Mountain), is located in western side of Myanmar, between Kanpalet, Mindat and Matupi Townships in Chin State and it is a habitat to Chin ethnic group. Chin ladies with the tattooed faces in the villages is the most significant attraction to visitors from all over the world. It is formerly known as Khonuntung (Guardian Angel of Mountain) and was renamed Mount Victoria after the commemorative present to England’s Queen Victoria during the British rule.  The park, covers an area of 279 square miles, was established in 1994 and opened to tourists. Mt. Victoria National Park is one of the most exciting Eco-Tourism and best soft-trekking sites in Myanmar not to be missed for those who are into flora and fauna observation. It can be reached by car from Mindat and ancient Capital City of Burma Kings (Myanmar).