Our Tailored Tours

Our well-designed and distinguished travel activities trekking will bring you local insights of the backyard of Myanmar, which is not commonly found in other region of Myanmar and in ASEAN countries. From the touching historical stories in to the most authentic experience and you’ll find Myanmar a great place to live with its most hospitable people.

Our Customized Tours

Tailored Tours

Our Tailored Tours are in fact Your Tailored Tours we design each one specifically on your requirements. As we know each person is an individual, each trip should be as individual as you.  So whatever you seek, speak to the Travel Experts and let us design your next trip together.

Why Tailored Tours?

The benefit of having your own tour designed is just that it is your tour, giving you the freedom to be as creative as you like with your planning. You will not be set to strict timeframes as the time all belongs to you.

Thus, giving you the freedom to explore your chosen destinations at the speed you determine and in the detail you desire, staying at hotels best suited to your taste and style. Whilst always knowing your own Travel Expert is on hand if you wish to make any change even on your tour.

How to tailor your tour?

The Backyard hope to inspire you in every travel style and in every destination to help you determine which trip is ideal for your individual desires. It is very easy to create your own tour with us! All you need to do is submit your interest and preference for your travel experts to plan design trip with you. Every detail can be changed until you have created your perfect trip plan. Our experienced reliable Travel Experts will know exactly which hotels, which services and which destinations are the best for you. Don’t forget every aspect of this trip can be changed until you have your perfect trip plan.