Trekking in Chin Hills

Trekking in Mt. Khonumtung National Park enduring, timeless and true wilderness experience. Once you step off the road to start the trek, you are in true wilderness much of the time. Although there are established trails, there are no planes flying overhead, difficulties in road condition for car and very few villages; instead there are views of great mountain peaks and forested hillsides stretching to eternity. Trekking in Chin Hills offer the opportunity to see daily life that is scarcely touched by the modern times. The small villages that you come across are far removed from the chaos of city-life and its inhabitants, mostly living the life of nomads, grazing cattle in the highlands filled with wild flowers, surrounded by great mountain peaks are unassuming but friendly and welcoming.

Most of Chin Hills landscape is covered with forests, and nowhere is this more evident that on a trek. All treks climb up and down hills, passing through various vegetation zones with a great variety of trees. As there is a lot of wildlife in hills of Chin, and most treks are in protected areas, there is a change, albeit small, of seeing wildlife in its native habitat.

Trekking in Chin Hills is the ideal excursion trekking programs to explore the authentic nature and culture of Chin highland tribes especially for the tourists who want explore new exotic places where tourists have never been and rarely visited. Mt. Khonumtung (also known as Mt. Victoria or Nat Ma Tuang but let us use local dialect), which is located in Khonumtung National Park area and is one of the ASEAN Heritage Park in Myanmar. It is famoust for its nature beauty and culture value of Chin people. It is not only the main trekking area but also it is one the best places for birders in Chin Hills. Besides, it is very famous places for rich in cultural heritages where tourist you can see tattoo-faced women in the area. Around Mt. Khonumtung, there are four different Chin tribes who live on the mountains with their own culture and ethical customs. Most of them are animists and still believe and rely on their shamans. Their private worship event and festivals for their nats or spirits are the highlight of Chin trekking tour.