Trekking in Myanmar

Myanmar is rich in nature, the diversity of flora and fauna and it is rapidly becoming a new and exhilarating eco-tourism destination for both Asia and the world. Myanmar is the largest peninsular country in Southeast Asia and the only country possessing snow-capped mountain. In the land area of 676552 square kilometers, forests covered almost half of the country; thus, Myanmar has been recognized as one of 25 hotspots of biodiversity. It is also home to over 10000 species of plants, over 1,000 species of birds, 300 species of mammals, 360 species of reptiles and over 1000 species of butterflies.  The affluence of the biodiversity in nature presents Myanmar a way for Eco-Tourism.

Topographically, the Eastern Hill Region of Myanmar is the Shan Plateau, which is average 3000 to 4000 feet above sea-level. Unlike the plain, the plateau has high mountain ranges with undamaged nature.

While in other countries in South East Asia a visit to hill-tribes, Nature based adventure tours, Eco-Tourism Explorations are turning into major tourist businesses, in Myanmar, however, the bionetworks are still unspoiled, hill tribes are still living consistent with their traditional customs and tourists hardly ever visit them. If one is into nature-based adventure, trekking in this region is one activity shouldn’t be missed. We, The Backyard, are currently offering the following untouched destinations in Myanmar for those who love nature based Trekking tours.